Mango Francis

(Unique variety, available only from Haiti)

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Haiti process and export
over 2 500 000 cases of Mango Francis each year,
most of them to the USA (USDA approved).

PRICE: market's price
SIZE: approx 5.5 kg / 10-12-14 mangoes per case
DELIVERY: Air delivery (around 0.64¢/Kg: Miami)
TYPES: Francis (unique variety, available only from Haiti) and Tommy Atkins (in development). Many other types are not exported (Corne, Blanc, Rosalie, Jean-Marie, ....)
SEASONAL PEAK TIME: May and November
EXPORTERS: around 10 enterprises
OPPORTUNITIES: Haiti is back in business. There is a lot of potential, as in the production of puree and dried mango (not yet developed). At least, 25% to 35% of the Mango Francis are not selected for export and many other types of mangoes are not exported. More Info


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The Foreign Agricultural Service/USDA

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of Mango Francis

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